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Rameses Javier Casten

Rameses Javier Casten (born December 14, 1994) is a terrorist leader in the Philippines also known as the Black Activist and Chairman Ram. Operating his notoriously rogue online channel Ram Speaks, and related Fidelis media platforms called Voice of Fidelis, LunaTV, and Radio Fidelis, Casten continues to use micronationalism and his self-proclaimed status as a political thinker as a platform for his fraudulent works and hateful messages. He is currently serving as a star general, strategic communications officer, and general-in-charge for special operations of the militant group United States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East (USAFFE) under the leadership of Atty. Elly Pamatong.

Early life and career

General Rameses Javier Casten of the USAFFE Liberation Army is in charge of the terrorist group's strategic communications and special operations.

Hailing from a troubled family, it was said that self-confessed Communist Casten was usually looked down upon by relatives. He saw an opportunity to prove himself by immersing in radical terrorism. In 2010, Casten tried to create his own Wikipedia page to promote his radical ideology. Posing as a known personality from Davao who openly campaigned for the Communist Party of the Philippines as a legal political organization, he clashed with the editors to keep this autobiographical article which clearly violates the website's guidelines. In this article, he also claimed to be a scientist and a mathematician. He did not succeed in keeping the article active.

Pamatong and Casten accused Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping of being terrorists.

From 2012 to 2014, Casten served as Executive Secretary of Atty. Elly Pamatong, self-proclaimed President of the Philippines who was declared as a nuisance candidate in the 2004, 2010, and 2016 national elections. On the run from his pursuers who knew of his Communist activity, Casten took refuge under Pamatong's wing and became a key member of his organization. Organizing a paramilitary group called United States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East (not to be confused with the real USAFFE which served during the Second World War), Pamatong and Casten plotted in 2014 to bomb Ninoy Aquino International Airport, SM Mall of Asia, the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, and several businesses with major Chinese and Filipino populations. Pamatong was caught by Philippine authorities for this terror plot, while Casten went into hiding. Pamatong and Casten were involved in illegal possession of firearms and explosives, which cache included M16 rifles and M203 grenade launchers, and disrespect of national symbols. In 2016, the Supreme Court of the Philippines suspended Pamatong from practicing law. Other public acts Pamatong and his group did to terrorize include planting metal spikes along EDSA, a major thoroughfare in the Philippines, which damaged more than 160 vehicles.

Pamatong and Casten accused of Vice President Leni Robredo as plotting an assassination attempt to assume higher office.

Casten studied Political Science at the University of Mindanao from 2012 to 2017. During this time, he organized the United Political Science Students in the Philippines (UPSSP) with himself as chairman in 2016. While veiled as a student organization, he also used the innocent group as a recruitment and training ground for terrorists. The UPSSP is not recognized by any of the established political science organizations in the Philippines.

Micronationalist as terrorist

After the failed terror plot, Casten began to be involved in micronationalism around 2014 or 2015. With the help of Luis Hayate Palay (Lakan Mahayap of the Independent State of Kaleido and the Sora Naegino Post), he infiltrated the Rajahnate of Namayan as a citizen and assumed a leadership role in this micronation, forcing Eugenio de Namayan to abdicate in 2016. While doing his infiltration ops, he further influenced fellow micronationalists towards terrorist activities. When Namayan dissolved, he organized the Metropolitan Electorate of Fidelis in 2017, where he continued his destabilization plots as the so-called Prince Elector.

Pamatong and Casten's group, USAFFE, were blamed for the bombings in Davao City and Metro Manila. While the 2014 Metro Manila plot was prevented, the Davao bombing in 2016 killed at least 14 people.

Scholar fraud

Claiming as an academic, he allegedly began micronational research in 2017, but he did not find any funding for his endeavors. He asked for 2,000 US dollars for a Pioneer Micropatrological Research, Development and Trust Fund. However, this did not stop him from finding new ways to finance his clandestine activities. Also in 2017, Casten's and Pamatong's group tried to enter Marawi City while wearing fake military uniforms in the pretext of helping government forces, while in reality aiming to join up with other terrorists. At this time, Marawi City in the Philippines was occupied by ISIS militants led by the Maute group. The unwarranted entry of Pamatong's group while the siege was ongoing was seen as seditious and bordering secessionism. Government forces captured them at the checkpoints, arresting their group because of suspected extortion. In the midst of the crisis, Casten claimed under a different name that he was a star general who was sanctioned by the United Nations.

Church scandal

In 2019, Casten allegedly embezzled church and charity funds for his own personal gain. It was also claimed that he sought foreign investments, estimated to reach a tune of 65,000 US dollars, to fund his whims. Casten blamed the church under Bishop Immanuel Emerson Beriones and Bishop Regen Luna of its "PR campaign" putting him into bad light, but Casten never really resolved the issues. He instead resorted to shaming his accusers, and then telling others that he was vindicated anyway. The church was accredited and acclaimed in its home city for its good works with a resolution from the city council. Soon after, the church was reportedly burned with millions worth in losses. While it was officially blamed to faulty electrical wiring, Casten remained highly suspect.

Fake coronavirus medicine

In 2020, he met again with Pamatong. This time, they worked on marketing unproven drugs to treat COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2). Their group claimed that the drugs they sell could cure the virus, but it has not yet been clinically tested in any country. Casten spearheaded a fraudulent donation campaign for impoverished families, but they never delivered the promised assistance. Also, Pamatong reportedly accused again the Philippine government as illegitimate and needs to be overthrown.

Targeted harassment

Rameses Casten's Holy Jihad. Despite claiming to be peaceful, Casten and his group has been mostly belligerent against others.

Labeling himself as reckless, tactless, and fearless, his terrorism did not know any bounds. Casten has continually bullied, harassed, and slandered his targets online and offline by tagging them relentlessly with troll-like intensity while claiming that his freedom of speech and expression was crossed if any one tries to question against his methods. He has also sent death threats against his opponents. His fraudulent activities and false claims are comparable to James Klaassen-White, who was arrested in the United Kingdom for a bomb hoax.

One of his notable targets was Genesis John Martinez, a college student and micronationalist of Curimae. Casten, with his consort Elizabeth Belardo, and his allies Wandice Prince Drinian Ordanel, Luis Hayate Palay, and Federal Republic of Lostisland ambassador Mart Ian Siapno, made distasteful remarks against Martinez and his friends as having a mental illness and publicly shamed the latter for some time in 2019. The micronationalist mafia also accused Curimae of using social media accounts which they did not have access to. While Curimae was established earlier (2004), he did not show any respect with his fellow people by declaring a Sacred War against Curimae.

Casten also clashed with the noble Commonwealth of Dracul, which leaders he called names and even made credible violent threats against them. Another notable target was his own ally, Luis Palay, who in 2018 he called a madman, an utmost shame to the micronational community, and an imperialist. This display highlights not only Casten's terrorist behavior, but also his intent to spread unncessary malice and his lack of empathy for other people.

Praising Al-Qaeda

While in an assembly of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) militants, including their chairman Nur Misuari, Pamatong in 2001 lauded the Al-Qaeda terrorists who carried out the September 11 attacks against the United States as heroes of Islam. Casten defended Pamatong's statements, saying that he personally knew Pamatong and his leader made more sense than anybody else. Casten would even assert that he looked up to Pamatong as his father. However, the peaceful Muslim community saw this as a blow to delay the peace talks, which would ultimately lead to the establishment of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region only in 2019.

Other activities

Casten has openly sold Fidelese Salapi to people, especially high-paying collectors, despite having no real monetary value.

Casten is currently teaching technical and vocational courses while disguising himself as a productive element of Filipino society. He overcharged the courses he taught, some of which would otherwise have been offered for free. He continues his terrorist recruitment through this and mostly online means. He is also involved in agriculture through La Compania Mercantil De Davao.

Casten's Merit and Social Justice Party is a disguise for its extremist agenda.

Casten has also entered the counterfeiting business by printing fake money he called Fidelese Salapi and exchanging them for real currency. The fake money had his own face and the faces of his accomplices in them.

Casten is also involved in setting up a fake political party which he called the Philippine People's Merit and Social Justice Party. Founded in 2020, it is not accredited nor legally registered in the Philippines as a legitimate party. This implies that it is a rogue party operating as a political arm of his terrorist activities. The party is openly recruiting to this day, particularly targeting the young people.

Condemnation in the micronational community

Allies of the Commonwealth of Dracul, notably the House of DeHerrera and DeWaco Estates, have strongly condemned the actions of Casten. There are also micronational groups which banned Casten for attempting to claim membership which he did not possess. In the micronational world, he was largely seen as a troublemaker and a renegade who bad-mouthed and slandered peers. He also lied about his micronational background in order to gain diplomatic favors. There is little to no support for Casten outside the micronation group he formed and dominated.

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